Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of assistance can I access through Therapy Market?

Therapy Market is a unique directory for counsellors, therapists and coaches who offer their skills over the Internet. Unlike other directories of therapeutic practitioners, we specialise in helping you find professionals who provide online therapy, counselling and coaching services.

Now it is easy to find online professional help for a huge range of concerns including anxiety, depression, career decisions, confidence, motivation, relationship issues and sexual problems from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Try a search to see how Therapy Market works.

How is talking online different to meeting with a practitioner in person?

Online coaching, counselling and talk therapy have many advantages over in-person appointments. The most significant difference is probably the convenience of not having to travel or even leave home to access professional assistance. Online professional services can be more comfortable and private than attending a counsellor’s practice rooms, a coach’s office or a therapist’s clinic and many people find online consultations are an easier step to take to get help.

Online therapists, counsellors and coaches use different skills to those who meet clients in person. The main limitation with online consultations is that they are not suitable in crisis situations. However clients often report they can be more open and honest and freer to express themselves when meeting online. Online services are more accessible and sometimes more affordable than meeting in person.

With Therapy Market you can research and make contact with the practitioner first before you commit to an appointment. You can ask your chosen therapist, counsellor or coach about the suitability of their services if you are in doubt.

When are online consultations not appropriate?

Online consultations are not appropriate in situations of crisis where a person is in danger, at serious risk of harm, or a child is at risk of abuse. In these situations you should contact a crisis line or make contact with your local public emergency services as required.

What options are available for meeting with a therapist, counsellor or coach online?

Technology has made it possible for us to choose to access coaching, therapy and counselling over the net through different means. At Therapy Market, our online professionals offer services through one or more of the following modalities:

  • Webcam (you can see and hear each other live)
  • Text Chat / Instant Message (you can chat in real time)
  • Email (write and read in your own time)
  • Telephone (talk privately without being seen).

The software used and the ways in which the practitioners organise their services may vary. Once you have decided which of these online modalities you prefer, do a search and then you can obtain more details.

Can I meet my therapist / coach / counsellor in person?

Some of our online professionals also provide in person services. This may be detailed on their individual profile page but if it isn’t you are welcome to contact them and ask if they are available to also meet in person.

What is the difference between counselling, coaching and therapy?

All of these services involve talking to someone who is trained to listen and respond. While there are various definitions to each of these approaches, here are some general ideas about some of the differences.

Counsellors often work with people for a shorter term with a focus on a specific current issue or issues.

Therapists often work over a longer term on ‘deeper’ issues that may be related to past experiences.

Coaches often work more with the present and future than with the past and may be focussed on improvement rather than resolving particular problems or difficulties.

Some of the practitioners at Therapy Market are trained in more than one of these ways of working.

How do I pay for online professional services?

Therapy Market professionals offer a range of payment options. Many of our practitioners use online payment systems like Paypal or Money Bookers or offer a direct transfer facility. Take a look at some of the individual profiles and you will see details of fees and the forms of payment are accepted. If you have further questions, please call or email the practitioner directly.

How safe is it to consult with a counsellor, coach or therapist online?

Just as you might want to check the credentials of any professional you met in person, you might want to check out the online practitioner you choose. On each practitioners profile you can see the professional memberships they hold and their qualifications. Remember you can call the professional association and check these if you want to be sure. You can also contact the practitioner directly and ask them any questions you have. Professional associations generally require their members to abide by a particular code of ethics and have a complaints procedure you can use if you are dissatisfied.

Many people choose online consultations because they can be attended from the privacy of home or office. If you are concerned about the security of the technology used by your chosen practitioner, it is best to discuss this prior to commencing any services. Your coach, counsellor or therapist may have suggestions for what you can do to make the online sessions more secure. Therapy Market gives you the opportunity to compare the security offered by different practitioners and to choose the most suitable online service option for you.

How do I know which practitioner to choose?

Our search page has been developed to find you the most suitable professional in our directory according to the information you submit. The fewer options you choose, the more specific the results will be.

Firstly, use the tick box options to choose whether you want to see a counsellor, therapist or coach. Then select what kind of online service you prefer (i.e. webcam, instant message, email, telephone). Many of our practitioners offer several options, however selecting just one of these options will give you more specific results. Thirdly, choose your area or areas of concern from the tickbox list. To find out more about the concerns listed here, take a look at our resources page.

When you click ‘search’, you will be taken to a shortlist. Then you can select one or more practitioners to see specific information about their training, qualifications and fees. Take a look at their website or use our contact form to send an enquiry. Many practitioners even advertise their phone number so you can call them directly to ask questions. Therapy Market is completely free to use and no sign up is required.

I am a professional counsellor and coach. How do I get listed in Therapy Market?

Listing in Therapy Market is easy. Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions for practitioners or go directly to the registration page.

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