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Childhood Issues

Childhood Issues

While it is not the case for everyone, some people find the difficulties or problems they are experiencing in life now relate back to events that occurred in their childhood.

Such events may include, for example:

  • The death of a parent or sibling
  • A childhood injury or disability
  • Childhood bullying
  • Physical, emotional or sexual abuse or
  • Another traumatic event.

Some therapists specialise in helping people to come to terms with unresolved childhood issues or events and to make sense of these in a way that allows the person to move forward in their present day life. This can take time, particularly if the issue has been with the person for a long time.

If you are an adult who was abused as a child it is possible that you may have never spoken to anyone about this. Many people keep the abuse secret even though it might be affecting them every day of their lives. The consequences of abuse in childhood can (but do not always) include difficulty forming trusting relationships, low feelings of self-worth, sexual difficulties and depression. Some people deal with these difficulties through excessive drinking or drug use and other self-harm. Guilt and shame are common for survivors of childhood abuse.

Talking with a skilled therapist can provide support to take new steps forward as well as make it easier to let go of anger, guilt and shame. Narrative therapy and other types of psychotherapy have been effective in helping people to recover from the effects of childhood abuse.

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