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Stress / Burnout

Stress and Burnout

Stress is part of life and is associated with the demands and expectations we place on ourselves as well as those we are asked to meet within our work, families and by society in general. A little extra pressure can sometimes bring out the best in us but too much stress can affect our health and lead to poor functioning and a range of problems. Symptoms of stress include sleep problems, overreacting, irritability, persistent anxiety, stomach problems, chest pains, depression, low mood and paranoia. If stress is becoming a problem and your reactions are starting to get the better of you, it is time to ask for help.

Feelings of powerlessness often can cause stress. If you can start to understand the causes of stress, you will be in a better position to do something about it. Sometimes it helps just to unload to a counsellor or therapist. These professionals are used to listening to people and can also help you to start managing stress in better ways. Counsellors can help people identify stress triggers and consider what actions can be taken to respond to stressful situations. This might include practicing to be more assertive, recovering confidence or finding new ways to make decisions. Online coaches can assist with these changes.

Burnout is a word used by psychologists to refer to exhaustion and lost motivation. Long-term stress can cause burnout which is often identified as a problem for particular professions or jobs. Consultations with coaches, counsellors or therapists can be effective in helping to prevent burnout because stress can be identified and located before it becomes too serious. Therapeutic practitioners can also help people who are experiencing burnout to engage with their interests again, recover confidence, motivation and capabilities.

This information is only general and is not a substitute for a professional consultation.

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