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Confidence counselling and therapy

The concept of self-confidence relates to feeling self-assured in our own judgment or ability. When we don't dwell on negative consequences we can experience more self-confidence because we are worrying far less about what others will think or say following our potential failure. Belief in our capability to do something usually comes from a successful experience and may contribute to a general sense of self-confidence.

Whenever we take a step and feel it has been successful the belief in our abilities and skills tends to increase. This is why talking about confidence with an online counsellor or coach can be helpful. In effect the conversation gives us a reflective surface to consider our achievements and realise our skills and abilities.

Despite what we read on websites, building self-confidence doesn't usually come through a quick-fix. It involves looking at what you have done already, thinking about your skills, thinking about what you want and managing your thoughts. Coaches, counsellors and therapists can help with developing various techniques to recover confidence. It might be a matter of remembering times when you had confidence or taking a balanced approach to how you go about everyday tasks. It can take practice over a period of time to see change and start recognising when confidence has returned.

This information is only general and is not a substitute for a professional consultation.

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