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Migration / relocation

Migration / relocation difficulties

Relocating to a new country or part of the world, whether permanent or temporary, can be both exciting and overwhelming. It is not uncommon to experience anxiety, depression or other mental health and relationship difficulties when living in a new or unknown culture and climate.

Expats can often feel lost or suffer from low mood after they have made the decision to relocate for work or relationship reasons. Online counselling, coaching and therapy offers unique advantages in being able to discuss these issues with someone from a similar culture despite being thousands of miles apart. Webcam, instant message, email and phone make it possible to access help and understanding support regardless of the tyranny of distance. Counselling over the Internet can help with the homesickness, adjustment, procrastination and decision making that often accompanies a move abroad.

Counselling for migration purposes can also involve helping people to understand their options and the processes involved in completing applications for migration. This is a specialised field and requires an in depth knowledge of law and bureaucratic procedures association with migration. Migration counsellors can assist with the steps involved in relocating to the UK and British immigration requirements. It is best to check with any potential service provider whether they have the skills and experience to assist with this kind of migration counselling.

This information is only general and is not a substitute for a professional consultation.

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