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Life Direction

Life Direction

It is normal for people to occasionally find themselves at a crossroads and unsure of which direction to take. Such a situation may occur, for example, after a bereavement or loss of a job or at particular times of life when it is time to make changes. Expressions such as ‘mid-life crisis’ and ‘sense of purpose’ can reflect the difficulties of finding life direction.

There are a number of ways in which online coaches, counsellors and therapists can assist with questions of life direction. Exploring values and determining priorities can be useful as can adjusting lifestyle or goals. Different practitioners offer different ways of approaching questions about life direction. Career counselling may help with vocational direction. Life coaching may recover motivation. Psychotherapy may be a way to investigate underlying issues or concerns that are causing confusion.

Finding direction in life can involve discussions around relationships, personal development, goal setting, career and spirituality. If you are lost or stuck it might help to reassess your life purpose with a coach. Another approach might involve reconnecting with past experiences to recover what drives and inspires you. Online therapists and counsellors can assist you to do this.

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